Lessons from Little Ones

July 28, 2020 3:50 pm // Danna Jacobs

I think many of you that are parents can quickly identify with this topic. There is so much we learn not just from our children, but from how we interact with our children. Amidst the pandemic, I calm my 6-year old’s concerns and say that we are safe and protected and that he has no need to worry, but with an adult the conversation shifts into all the precautions and considerations at play. I feel like the national angst that is being felt could be shifted if we take a deep breath and show the love for one another as we show our children – to calm fears and express support.

As I try to ground myself, my clients, and my family in these shifting times, I also fell back in love with an old hobby of mine, reading. This is once again another lesson I learned from my son. In our busy lives I know so many of us, including myself the past few years, say, “who has time to read anymore?” But with my eldest son, since Christmas, I have been reading to him various books by Roald Dahl (a favorite of mine since my own childhood) and we both have been so enjoying it. It is simply our bedtime activity, 10 minutes or so a night and in the past 7 months we have read nine books that I can quickly recall! I realized once again by something my husband and I have prioritized for our son, that this is the same care and nurturing I should provide to myself to focus 10 minutes a day on such a positive activity for my mind, heart and soul.

As such, I currently am reading The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle which has been on my “to read” list for years, and I am thoroughly loving it. Coincidently as I was having this realization for myself, one of my clients requested a reading list of books to further her education around personal finance and there are so many out there these days! I want to focus on books that help us understand us, our behaviors, and financial psychology, as well as provide the foundational understanding of some basic personal finance tools. With that, I am going to start a Legacy Care Wealth Book Club, and I couldn’t be more excited! Keep an eye out for more information coming later this week with details and to sign up!

Let me know what lessons you are learning from the youth around you! And I welcome any book recommendations or requests for the upcoming Book Club. Feel free to comment below, respond on our social media channels, or email me directly!

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As always, please let me know if anything I have said sparked some ideas or questions for you.