Investment Management

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Investment Management is an integral component of any financial plan.

We believe in long-term investment strategies that can minimize the large-loss scenarios and reduce the tax burden suffered by investment gains. We do not believe that the market is a way to get rich quickly or the key to early retirement. With that being said, when coupled with a sound savings plan, the various financial markets allow an excellent opportunity to outpace inflation and keep ahead of rising costs of living. 

We have partnered with a number of leading money managers in the industry, and based on your goals and each manager’s core strengths, we may recommend you partner with one of them for your investments. These include SEI Investment Company, Betterment Institutional, AssetMark and TD Ameritrade. SEI is exclusively accessible to individuals with a net worth exceeding $20 million dollars, but given our relationship, all Legacy Care clients can invest through SEI. Meanwhile Betterment offers great cash and investment management tools at institutional rates to our clients through our relationship. AssetMark has a depth of analysts and managers that we believe could provide promising investment opportunities with limit loss categories. We are excited to be able to offer these types of services to our clients. All investments are held by a third party trustee and/or are SIPC protected and secure.

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