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Tips To Improve Your Credit Score

February 16, 2024

To mark National Credit Education Month, I’m passing along some valuable information about how you can understand, monitor, and improve your credit score. With credit playing such a significant role in our financial lives, it’s good to understand how credit scores are calculated and how your day-to-day choices can cause it to go up or tumble down. Although it’s not... View Article

Lessons from Little Ones

July 28, 2020

I think many of you that are parents can quickly identify with this topic. There is so much we learn not just from our children, but from how we interact with our children. Amidst the pandemic, I calm my 6-year old’s concerns and say that we are safe and protected and that he has no need to worry, but with... View Article

5 Financial Wake Up Calls for College Grads

June 9, 2020

Graduation may mark the culmination of 16 plus years of studies and hard work, but the relief and joy of college completion barely sets in before the jarring start of  “real world” fiscal responsibilities, especially amidst a COVID-19 pandemic in which the access to the coming-of-age ceremonies are rather limited and the employment world looks more confusing than ever.   While... View Article

Five Financial Fundamentals For Young Professionals

May 22, 2020

As a savvy young professional, you may be a pro at project management or software development or social media strategy, but how’s your financial literacy?  If, like many of your peers, you never got an education in financial fundamentals during your formative years, how do you know what tools are available to you to maximize your money come pay day? In... View Article

Candid Financial Parenting

May 22, 2020

I wear two very important hats in my life, that of a Certified Financial Planner® and that of a mom to two amazing boys. From time-to-time those two worlds coincide beautifully and there are others where they both compete for my attention. But I know in my core that they both are a part of my mission and purpose in... View Article